Fresh Grimsby Fish!

The shop has arranged for Mawer’s Fresh Grimsby Fish to be sold as a trial out side the shop on Thursday, 10th January, 12:00 till 13:30. We hope it will be successful and that it will be a regular event at the shop.

Normal Opening Times

Monday to Friday
Post Office 8:45am. to 5:30pm
Shop. 8:30am to 5:30pm
Café. 8:30am to 4;30pm

Post office, shop and café. 9am to 12:30pm

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Sunday and Bank Holidays

Get Involved

We are asking for some more help!

Get Involved

A big thank you to those who recently offered their time to volunteer and help in and around the shop. It is very much appreciated.

As the shop grows we require more helpers, school holidays in particular.

See our community through a different perspective. Join our team of volunteer helpers in the shop and café; an essential service for some of us in Little Milton.

So, whether you have volunteered before or not, have promised to help or are new to the village and would like to get involved, temporarily or longer term, now is a good time.

Call into The Shop to find out more details.

Thank you.

The shop committee.


The Fortnum & Mason Classic Christmas Hamper!

The draw took place in the afternoon of the 17th December 2018 and was won by Sarah Wakeling from the village.
The Fortnum's Classic Christmas Hamper has been won in tha cáfe coffee shop! Picture of the contents.




New "RIJO 42" Menu

RIJO 42 Coffee Menu on the News and Events at Little Milton Village Shop page
Pop in and try the new coffee menu selection we have from RIJO 42. It's proving to be very popular.

New chldren's play area

The fantastic new playground, behind the shop, is a very popular space for children.

New Lottery support for communities

The new SO Lottery is a way to support the shop. See the SO Lottery page.

More village news

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Advert in January 2019 issue of the Little Milton Newsletter

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