South Oxfordshire Charitable Lottery

So, what is the "SO Charitable Lottery" (South Oxfordshire Charitable Lottery)? It is a weekly lottery to raise funds for good causes that benefit local communities within South Oxfordshire (such as Little Milton Shop).

Little Milton Village Shop applied to South Oxfordshire District Council to be considered for inclusion within the lottery under the regulations, laid down by the Charity’s commission and was accepted.

How does it work for supporters?

A weekly online draw takes place every Saturday at 8pm
A ticket costs £1per week and consists of 6 numbers, the more numbers you match in the draw the bigger the prize you can win
Players choose on the lottery site which good cause their ticket purchase will support, which I hope for residents of Little Milton will be our village shop.

Every ticket purchased on the website of a good cause will generate 50p for the cause the remaining is allocated as follows 10p is used to support other good causes and volunteer groups within South Oxfordshire through a central fund, 20p goes towards prizes and the remaining 20p is for administration of the lottery and VAT.

What are the prizes:
Match all six numbers £25,000
Match 5 numbers £2,000
Match 4 numbers £250
Match 3 numbers £25
Match 2 numbers prize 3 free tickets.

South Oxfordshire Charitable Lottery, Little Milton Shop

So, please visit It only takes a couple of minutes to register.

Click on Support Specific Cause

At this stage I hope you will then search for Little Milton Village Shop as it is only then that we will benefit if you purchase your tickets from our page.

The first draw will take place on Sat 28th April at 8pm and the winners will be informed by email stated during the signing up process. The winner numbers will also be published on the website each week following the draw.

If you have any further question’s please pop into the shop to ask, there is also a dedicated support number 0123536333 or Email for any queries.

Please continue to support your village shop